Some thoughts to share with you about myself (Nelly Bablumian, creator of Abbondanza) : 

I am Armenian- you could say half generation. I moved to the U.S. at age nine, growing up half here, half there. I write, make jewelry, dance, cook, take photographs, design shelves, build altars, theatre sets, and three dimensional collages. I love creating sacredness in spaces most of all. Prior to studying massage therapy, I went to school and worked as a director and writer of physical theatre and drama therapy for many years, producing ritual and poetic theatre in upstate New York and around the world.

At a certain junction in my life, I realized that I am meant to use my hands to help unlock the healing powers of the incredible human body. I was blessed to find The Finger Lakes School of Massage in Mt.Kisco, NY, where I received a fantastic education as a bodyworker (over 1000 hours of schooling). I have always loved working with my hands, as I strive towards making most of the things in my life hand crafted.  I have also always been fascinated by the human body, in movement, in space, how it functions as its own universe. I believe that this work has the potential to create sacred experience, transformative and immensely powerful.  As a therapist, I reach into a quiet space where the body I touch calls out its needs. I do not force, do not “fix” or “heal”; I only give permission for the body to heal itself.

Each unique session incorporates knowledge of the human body I have gained from studying and working with modalities such as Swedish Massage, Shiatsu Japanese acupressure (based on Chinese Traditional Medicine), medical massage and human physiology and kinesiology, Connective/deep tissue therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, and others. This knowledge is deepened by what I have come to call Energy Tuning (because it feels somewhat like tuning a piano!) with a background in Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, not to mention my work in Commedia dell'Arte, drama therapy, and physical theatre. The connection between physical theatre and therapeutic touch has been surprisingly and powerfully strong. As both a director and a therapist, I create a safe space cocooned from the outside world, where a body that is hurt can be cradled back into balance. A body that is stuck in a holding pattern can let go and see things in a new way, start moving in a new way. We are born with inherent healing mechanisms in our bodies that we forget how to listen to. Our bodies are powerful and strong if we let them be that way - they are abundant.