There is abundance in the universe. Reach out and live it, breathe it in, see it.

Ask for it. 

"Abbondanza" means abundance in Italian. I am drawn to this word for its joy, its positivity - because I can't say it without singing a little. It has the word "dance" in it right there! It's radiant and full of hope and color. It is endless. It is present. The world we live in IS abundant!

There is a whole universe out there, full of wonder and abundance - ABBONDANZA. There are everyday people doing good deeds every day. They don't make the news and so we don't often hear about them. There is magic in the universe. There is magic in our bodies, which are made up of the same matter as the stars that were here before us. Our bodies, our spirits, and our lives are ready for us to call forth the abundance that is around us.

When we get hurt, when we are stiff and achy and sore, when we are sick, when we are sad: we don't often look to our bodies for healing. We go to a doctor, hoping for a quick fix. But how long have we been bad to our bodies, expecting them to get "fixed" momentarily? If we honor our temples in which we reside and give them the patience and tender care that they deserve, we could unlock the healing power present within us. When we ask for help, what we really need is a safe space where we can give ourselves time to be loved and given permission to let go. And that is the power of therapeutic touch. That is why I created Abbondanza. It is not just a massage whose effect will wane the minute you get up from the table. Tapping into abundant wellness is giving yourself permission to love your body, to take time to do nothing at all except let someone take care of you, to get in touch with the healing mechanisms inherent in your body that you might have never heard because you didn't know how to listen.

This is the time, if you've been waiting. There is abundance in the universe -- ask for it! Ask for it, and you will be saying yes to your life.