Therapeutic touch is not about "fixing" anything. It is about cultivating wellness in your mind, body, and spirit. Your body is abundant. Your body is wise. It can heal itself if you allow it, if you empower it, if you give it the right kind of love. Bodywork can help clear blockages, both energetically and physically, and allow your body to finally do what it needs to find balance. 

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Tuner, artist, and a nourishing spirit, I have created Abbondanza as a safe space for wellness to grow. 

I can travel right to the comfort of your own home, or to that sweet little spot you're visiting for the weekend. Wherever you are, all you have to do is set up a time that will be all yours, take a deep breath, and allow yourself to receive. The magical sacred power of therapeutic touch is waiting for you.