Bodywork and therapeutic touch are broad terms that include everything from sports massage to energy healing. Whether working with the musculoskeletal, fascial, lymphatic, or nervous systems, energy is always involved. So what is "energy"? In Eastern Medicine, it is referred to as Qi, the flowing life coursing through us and everything around us. Some in the West will call it electromagnetic force. In theatre, specifically physical and ritual theatre where I often gather inspiration, energy is the map of our bodies where memory lives. You will hear many variations and interpretations on energy, but one thing is clear - it pervades every culture and time and can cause serious illness if out of balance.

Energy Tuning is similar to tuning a piano, if you know what to listen for. This deeply therapeutic touch can revitalize every aspect of your health - mind body and spirit, which cannot be separated, but are rather like rivers flowing into one another with energy as the water. Where there is a rock causing stagnation here, or  a gushing overflow there, this work can help the river inside your body move in its own rhythm, gently cradling your body back into balance and stimulating the abundant wellness that has been sitting dormant waiting to bloom.

Therapeutic Touch can help your body to:

  • Get grounded, slow down, feel taken care of
  • Increase circulation of blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, nerve, Qi
  • Boost the Immune system
  • Ease anxiety, depression, stress
  • Relieve headaches/migraines
  • Help with sleeping problems, insomnia
  • Ease pain and stiffness from Fibromyalgia
  • Recover faster from surgery or injury 
  • Increase joint mobility and flexibility
  • Ease digestive disorders
  • Relax injured, tired, overused bodies
  • Reduce spasms and cramps
  • Relax the nervous system
  • Release trauma, both physical and emotional
  • And so much more.... the benefits of bodywork are endless!!